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Booster Club General Information

Please Consider Joining Tompkins FFA Booster Club
For The 2019-2020 School Year!

The Tompkins FFA Booster Club is made up of parents and extended family members
of Tompkins FFA students, Tompkins families and staff, members of the community,
business leaders, and former FFA students. 

The purpose of the Booster Club is to support the Tompkins FFA program and its members.
Money raised from fundraisers is used to support the FFA chapter with (including, but not limited to) travel expenses, equipment needed for chapter operations, and assistance with FFA
events and activities as needed. 

There are also many volunteer opportunities, including the support of students at the KISD progress show, KISD livestock show, community events, FFA banquet, and more. Booster club meetings are held each month on the same dates and at the same time as student chapter meetings. 

This is our fifth year as a new school, so this is a great time to help build a booster club that can
support and provide for the rapid growth and success of the Tompkins FFA program.

Your participation allows families and community members to work together to ensure the
success of our Tompkins FFA students! 


2019-2020 Membership Form


Membership information is under the Membership and Scholarship tab under Booster Club

A Special Thank You To The Following Families
For Their High Level Memberships!

Bronze Level:

Beverly & Lee Bickford
Arpine & Paul Breaux
Clifford Breaux
Kimberly & Buddy Domangue
Cassie & Justin Gonce
Vanessa Hubbard
Johanna & Richard Hudspeth
Stephanie & Raymond Keener
Lauren Meeks
Jennifer & Dean Rossi
Carrie Semrad

Silver Level:

Angela & Jeff Conaway
Chris Estrada
George & Nicole Istre

Carol Latham & Tim McKee

Social Media Links

2020 OTHS FFA Scholarship

Please find the Scholarship Application and Information under the Membership and Scholarship Tab under the Booster Club

KISD Livestock Show & Rodeo

February 2020
Details of the 2020 show are posted in the link below for your information:

2020 KISD Livestock Show

FFA Booster Club Meeting Dates for 2019-2020

All meetings are typically on the first Monday of the month at 6 or 7 p.m. unless otherwise posted (except the banquet), and all meetings will be held in the ag rooms (rooms 1343 & 1345) at OTHS unless otherwise noted. Also, all student chapter meetings and booster club meetings will be held on the same dates at the same times.  Dates are subject to change so please refer to our Booster Club Facebook Page for the most current event date for all Booster Club Meetings.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 6PM
Tuesday, October 29, 2019 6PM
Monday, November 11, 2019, 6PM
Monday, December 9, 2019, 6PM
  Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 6PM
Monday, February 3, 2020, 6PM
Monday, March 2, 2020, 6PM
Monday, April 6, 2020, 6PM

FFA Banquet
Wednesday, May 6, 2020
at the Ag Science Center
6 p.m.

Other Important Dates for 2019-2020
Some dates are tentative & subject to change

Aug. 5
 Fish Camp (AKA: New Falcon Camp)
10:30 a.m. - noon (est.)
 Fort Bend County Fair Rabbit Validation   
 Falcon Frenzy
Aug. 14  First Day of School  OTHS
Aug. 27
 Animal Raisers' Meeting 6 p.m., 9th Grade Commons
Aug. 30
 FFA Dues Deadline
Sept. 9
 Ad Catalog Sales Begin  
Sept. 10  FFA & Booster Club Meeting 6PM
Sept. 16 &17
 Animal Payment Nights 3:00-7p.m.,  Merrill Center
Sept. 20  First Fundraiser Due  
Sept. 20  HOMECOMING  
Sept. 21  Area 3 Greenhand Camp  
Sept. 21  Homecoming Dance  
Sept. 24  Lamb, Goat & Pig Species Meeting
Sept. 25  KISD Livestock Clinic
 4-6PM, Ag Science Center
Sept. 26  Fort Bend Co. Fair Goat Check In
Sept. 27
 Fort Bend Co. Fair Goat Show
Sept. 28
 Taylor Ag Olympics
 9AM, Ag barns
Sept. 28  Fort Bend Co. Fair Swine Check In
 6:30PM, FBCF
Sept. 29  Ft. Bend Co. Fair Swine Show
Sept. 30  Fort Bend Co. Fair Lamb Check In
 OTHS Open House  
 Logan Fundraiser Starts
Oct. 1
 Ft. Bend Co. Fair Lamb Show  6:30PM, FBCF
?Oct.  Tag in Goats and Lambs for Houston
 3:00-5:30PM @ Ft. Bend Co Fair
Oct. 4
 KISD Animal Raisers Number Draw
Oct. 5
 Animal Selections (lambs, goats, pigs) 7AM
Oct. 9
 Ad Catalog Sales End  
Oct. 10
 Rabbit Species Meeting
Oct. 29
 FFA Meeting & Booster Club Meeting
 Logan Fundraiser Ends  
Oct. 30
 Seitz Fundraiser Starts  
Oct. 30-Nov. 2
 National FFA Convention, Indianapolis
Nov. 4
 District LDE's
Nov. 11
 FFA & Booster Club Meetings
Nov. 14
 Seitz Fundraiser Due  
 (Aggiefest Invitational ??) LDE contest
?Nov.  District LDE contest
 Nov. 15
 Area 3 LDE's
 Mandatory Barn Cleanup
 Nov. 22
 Quality Counts & Jacket Requirement Deadline
 Dec. 6 & 7
 State LDE's
Jan 11
 Falcon Farmhand Adventure  
 Dec. 9
 FFA Meeting & Booster Club Meeting
 Dec. 13 & 14
 Katy Progress Show & Silent Auction
 4PM-8PM Friday; 8AM-4PM Sat.
 Jan. 7
 Jan. 9
 KISD KISD Livestock Show Meeting & Canes Spirit Night
 6PM Main Commons *parent required
 KISD Broiler Selection
Jan. 7
 KISD Rabbit Selection
 Jan. 11  Falcon Farmhand Adventure & Chili Cookoff  8am-1pm
 Jan. 15
 Booster Club Meeting with Livestock Show and Rodeo Q & A
 Jan. 24
 Klein Invitational CDE's
 Jan. 30
 FFA Jacket Breakfast
 Jan. 30
 Katy Invitational CDE's
 Jan. 31
 Taylor Invitational CDE's
 Feb. 3
 FFA & Booster Club Meetings
 Feb. 5
 Deer Park Invitational CDE
 KISD Livestock Show Set-Up New Ag Pavilion by the ag barns
 Feb.11 - 15
 KISD Livestock Show  
Ag Pavilion
 Feb.11  KISD Swine Move in
 Ag Pavilion
 Feb. 11
 KISD Rabbit Show
 5PM Ag Pavilion
 Feb. 12
 Special Rodeo
 Feb 12
 KISD Animal Move In
 Feb. 12
 KISD Broiler Show
 Feb. 13
 KISD Swine Show
 Feb. 13
 KISD Steer Show
 Feb. 13
 KISD Rodeo
 Feb. 14
 KISD Goat Show
 Feb. 14
 KISD Lamb Show
 Feb. 14
 KISD Rodeo
 Feb. 15
 KISD Barn Sale
 Feb. 15
 KISD Parade
 Feb. 15
 KISD Auction
 Feb. 15
 KISD Rodeo
 Feb. 17
 Show Pen Clean Out
 Feb. 18  FFA Meeting  6PM
 March 2
 FFA & Booster Club Meetings
 March 9 - 13
 March 21
 James Madison Invitational
 March 24
 SFA Invitaional
 March 25
 Pewitt Online FBM Contest
 March 26
 Tarleton Invitational CDE's
 March 26
 Blinn CDE's & Angelo State CDE's
 March 28  Texas Tech CDE's  
 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Program Sales  
?March  Last Day to Have Pens Emptied  
 Barn Clean-Up  
April 1
 Buyers Letters Due (thank you notes)  
 April 2 SHSU Area Invitational and CDE's  
 April 6
 FFA & Booster Club Meetings
 April 9
 Steer Payments Due (for 2020-2021)  3PM - 6PM 

 April 15
 Tarelton Area CDE's
 April 22
 Blinn Ag Mech Show
 April 30
 Tarleton State CDE's
 May 1  TX CDE's SHSU  
 May 2  Cow Patty Classic 5K / 10K  6AM OTHS
 May 2 TX CDE's TAMU  
 May 4 - 8
 CTE Week
 May 5
 Banquet Flower Assembly
 3:30PM, ASC
 May 6
 FFA Banquet  6PM, Main Commons
 KISD Ag Mech Show  
 May 13
 KISD Steer Preview & Selection (for 2020-2021)  3-5PM


 Progress Show Silent Auction
All KISD FFA Booster Clubs participate in the silent auction, which is held in conjunction with the KISD Progress Show on  December 13 - 14, 2019. Please check back for details on this fundraiser. 

KISD Livestock Show & Rodeo Meetings
The booster club will be asking a few parents to attend KISD Livestock Show & Rodeo meetings from September through February, once a month, to represent the Tompkins FFA Chapter and to bring information back to the booster club as needed. 

2019-2020 KISD Livestock Show & Rodeo Committee Meetings

Sales Committee Meetings
Time & Place TBA

Rodeo and Parade Committee Meetings
Time & Place TBA

Tompkins FFA Volunteer Opportunities

1. Volunteer to assist with the Tompkins FFA Sporting Clay Tournament. Obtain sponsors & participants
2. Plan, execute and work our Cow Patty Classic 5K & 10K, held in the spring. Obtain sponsors and participants.

Serve as a liaison between the district and the Tompkins FFA Booster Club by attending rodeo planning meetings and reporting back to the booster club. Keeps us in the loop as planning progresses. Participate in sub-committees if you'd like. 

Obtain auction items for silent auction, held in January. Help create baskets as needed. 
Organize items, bid sheets, etc. and set up tables at event. Work the event. Take payment at close of event. Thank you notes.

Preparing food. Obtaining donated food and drinks. Working the concession stand.

The KISD FFA Booster Clubs take turns (as assigned by the KISD administration) handling the
concession stand at the animal selection in October and the progress show in January.
The Tompkins FFA Booster Club handled both concessions for the 2015-2016 school year.
It will not be our turn again for at least seven years. 

Help agriculture teachers as needed with student fundraisers.

Help student chapter as needed when they hold or sponsor an event. Provide refreshments, meals, etc. 
Set-up, decorate, clean-up, etc. (barn clean-ups, greenhand conference, Falcon Farmhand Adventure, etc.).

Set up Tompkins tent, tables and banners. Chaperone the tent and help AG teachers gather students for check-ins, etc. Provide meals, snacks, and drinks for our families and guests Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Help with set up, decorations, and expenses if requested by agriculture teachers and the student chapter.

Mow/edge around our barn as needed. Help at barn clean-up as requested.

Chaperone trips if requested.


Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours can be submitted on the PTSA Web site
Both parents and students can submit volunteer hours.   

At Katy ISD, the raptor check-in system is used to log your volunteer hours spent at the 
school if you indicate that you are volunteering when you check in at the front office. 
However, the raptor system does not track your off-campus volunteer hours. 

Volunteers are asked to report any volunteer time spent outside of school hours or away from the school. The PTSA asks that these off-campus volunteer hours be reported every month.
You can submit them on the OTHS PTSA Web site under the "get involved" tab.
Here is the link:
Or you can e-mail your hours to
If you forget one month, you can include those hours the following month.  
If you have any questions or problems with this form, please contact the PTSA at

Anything you do for ANY group in the school is counted.
For FFA families, off-campus volunteer hours can include any time you've spent driving your child
to and from the barn, as well as time spent at the barn, helping with the animals, booster club meetings,
and of course, at any FFA-related activity or event (or even preparing for an
FFA-related activity or event - i.e. shopping, cooking, painting, gathering auction items, etc.).
Again, this must be time spent outside of regular school hours.
These hours can be for any family member, including the students.  

Web:                           Facebook: Tompkins FFA      
Instagram: TompkinsFFA                                    Twitter: @TompkinsFFA
Volunteer hours are due every month on the PTSA Web site.


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